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Technicial Specifications Model
  KD 63
Number of Drillings 3 x 21
Drill Sapcing 32 mm.
Drilling Depth 0 - 80 mm.
Drilling Diameter 1 - 35 mm.
Drilling Position Horizantal and Vertical
Drill Rotation (rpm) 2800 d/d
Motor Power 1.1 Kw x 3
Required Air Pressure 6 atm.
Over All Size 2220 x 1200 x H-1550 mm
Weigth 830 kg

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This machine is used for grooving surfaces and quoins for dowels, drill for hinges an other accessories and can operatc at 0 ° and 90 ° - in one operation.

Since drill spacing is 32 mm or multiples, it is suitable for standard manufactring and doesn't require special forms.

Vertical drilling units used linear rail. Dimensions can be adjusted more quickly.

It operates pneumatically and is your best assistance with its quick, accurate and easy operation.

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